iPhone SE 2020 landscapes Sirui 18mm

Ultra-wide in my pocket: Sirui 18mm

I am enjoying having a ultra-wide angle lens in my pocket. I have always like the 18mm perspective, and I invested in a Sony mirrorless body and the Sony 20mm and ultra-wide converter as my “landscape” camera to take on my over-seas journeys…but I find that I do not carry it around home. One extra camera. The Sony Rx10iv reaches 24mm and it is too easy to just grab it and go. Even when climbing mountains in Costa Rica or Uganda, looking for birds or gorillas, the extra camera was cumbersome. With the 18mm lens on the Moment thin case in my iPhone SE2020, having the ultra-wide perspective with me all the time is not an issue. The phone is there anyway, and the lens is just a tiny lump in one of my pockets. 🙂 I am sure I would feed the same way about a phone with the ultra-wide built in. iPhone SE2020 with Moment thin case and Sirui 18mm. Native Camera App. Auto. This is the grounds of an extensive estate which has recently been acquired by the local National Wildlife Refuge, Rachel Carson, to use as their headquarters (and to protect a prime section of the banks of the Mousam River).

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