iPhone SE 2020 Macro Native Camera app Sirui 10x Macro Sirui 60mm

Hobblebush flowers

The Hobblebush is a viburnum, and like most viburnums it has both sterile and fertile flowers. (I had to look this up last night while processing my photos, but honestly I have always wondered what it was with the two kinds of Hobblebush flowers in each clump). The large white showy flowers surrounding the clump are the sterile flowers and mature first, followed by the tiny, just slightly green tinted, fertile flowers in the center. They overlap in bloom, so you can catch the whole cluster in bloom if you time it correctly. The theory is that the large sterile flowers attract pollinators…but I am not sure that really explains this odd arrangement of flowers. There are a few other plant famileis that share the sterile/fertile flowers habit, but very few. What we have here is a close up with the iPhone SE2020 and the Sirui 60mm, and two macros with the Sirui 10x macro lens. Even the close up is more than life size…about 2x. Those center flowers are tiny. And this is where the Phonography comes into its own. I can, and do, carry my phone and the 60mm and macro lens everywhere with me. I would only carry a true macro set-up, even if I owned one, when I was specifically going out for macros. 🙂 Standard iPhone Camera app on Auto.

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