iPhone SE 2020 landscapes live photo Sirui 18mm video

Flowing water…Live Photo again

The other thing you can do with Live Photo, is, of course, create an animated gif or a short video. On an Apple Device, the gif or video will loop…so for things like flowing water it can be quite interesting. Depending on where you view this, it may or may not loop, but you can get the idea. Essentially a Live Photo is a short video of frames before and after your shutter press. iPhone SE2020 with Sirui 18mm lens on the Moment thin case. Native Camera App. Live Photo. Converted to video in Lively.

backyard photo blind iPhone SE 2020 Sirui 400mm video

Video at the feeder: Sirui 400mm

In working with the Sirui 400mm on my iPhone SE 2020 I have pretty much decided that I am never going to really be content with the images it produces, as images. They just do not compete with even a simple long-zoom point and shoot camera, let alone with my Sony Rx10iv. However, shooting 4k video through the Sirui 400mm is another matter all together. I am quite pleased with the results. The video in this post is shot in 4K and then reduced to 720p for posting here, and it is still, I think, quite good. Sirui 400mm, on the Moment thin case on the iPhone SE 2020. Stock camera app. Mounted on a selfie tripod and released via bluetooth release. From inside my backyard photo blind. I prefocused on the feeder and just waited for the birds to land. They did not always sit for long 🙂