iPhone SE 2020 Macro Native Camera app Sirui 10x Macro

Crocus Macro. Sirui 10x Macro lens

The difficulty I have with macros is remembering to take them. The Sirui 10x macro lens is easy enough to twist on to the Moment thin case, which is always on my iPhone SE2020, but I do have to remember to do it. It produces excellent results. You just have to move in on your subject until it comes into focus, and touch the shutter button. The native Apple Camera App works well in good light. This crocus, the first to open this spring in our yard, was in the shade of the trunk on an overcast day, but still had plenty of light.

iPhone SE 2020 Macro ProShot Sirui 10x Macro

Filaments. Sirui 10x Macro Lens

The trick with the Sirui Macro lens is getting the right distance. It has a very narrow range of focus. It also has a little translucent “hood” that gives the approximate distance for closest focus, which might be useful for coins and such, but is less useful in nature. It is a matter of moving the phone closer and further until you get a sharp image on the screen…and if your subject has any dimension to it…until the parts of your subject you want in focus are in focus. And, again, I find that using a camera app that allows you to set the shutter speed is a big help, as you are generally at an awkward angle to hold the phone as steady as you might like while touching the shutter icon, or pressing the volume buttons. iPhone SE 2020 with the Moment thin case and the Sirui 10x Macro lens.