HDR iPhone SE 2020 landscapes live photo Native Camera app ProCamera Sirui 18mm

Flowing water. Sirui 18mm

The Apple Camera App does this “live photo” thing. I have not yet figured out exactly what it is actually for…why anyone would use it most of the time. Or maybe it is more why I would use it, any time. I have experimented with it for photos of active birds using the Sirui 400mm and it has potential there…but not as much as actually shooting in 4K video and taking clips. One of the other things it does is to simulate a long exposure…for things like flowing water. I had to experiment with that, and I had a chance yesterday when I biked out to Emmon’s Preserve on the Baston River in Kennebunkport. Above you see three renderings of the same little fall of water. The first is the standard shot lifted from a live photo and processed in Apple Photos. The second is a “Vivid HRD” from ProCamera, also processed in Photos. The third is the same live photo from the Camera App, with the “long exposure” effect engaged. I have never been a big fan of the “silky water” effect, but it can be interesting. I will leave it to you to decide whether the iPhone Camera App does a good job with it.