digital zoom iPhone SE 2020 Macro Sirui 60mm

Digital Zoom: Sirui 60mm

My Sony Rx10iv has something called “clear image zoom”…a special 1.5 and 2x digital zoom with extra processing to preserve detail and image quality. It works pretty well, and gives me a bit of extra reach when I am desperate for it, without sacrificing pixels in an after-the-fact crop. Digital zoom on the iPhone SE2020 (and I assume most iPhones) seems to use the computational power of the phone’s processor to do an even better job of eliminating digital artifacts when you zoom in. At least under 2x, I can really see no decrease in image quality. It is pretty amazing, and turns the excellent Sirui 60mm into an effective 120mm lens…long enough for some telephoto macro effects. iPhone SE2020 with the Moment thin case and the Sirui 60mm lens, native camera app with 2x digital zoom. Next I am going to try a bit of digital zoom with the 10x macro lens. 🙂