iPhone SE 2020 landscapes Native Camera app Sirui 18mm

Big sky: Sirui 18mm and perspective

The Sirui 18mm, or any ultra-wide add on lens (or even the built in ultra-wide on some phones)…in this case along with the the native Camera App on the iPhone SE2020, is a real cloud machine. The auto exposure with “Smart HDR” engaged does an excellent job of rendering cloud drama. You will see, however, some lens perspective distortion if you angle the camera and lens (the phone that is) up to include more sky. Note the birch clump in the lower right hand corner. If I were to correct for the vertical perspective error, and attempt to maintain the full width of the sky it would look like something like the second photo…and cropping out the black would cost me sky, which is the subject of the photo after all. 🙂 Which is why we have learned to live with that the strangeness in our images whenever the sensor is not parallel to the ground or perpendicular to the horizon. 🙂 Whatever camera the images were taken with.

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