16x9 iPhone SE 2020 landscapes Native Camera app Sirui 18mm

All about proportions… Sirui 18mm

The Sirui 18mm lens on the iPhone SE2020 produces an interesting field of view, in that, unlike many ultra-wide lenses I have worked with in the past, at least in the standard 4×3 format of the iPhone Camera App, it is wide in both dimensions…capturing an image which is both broader and taller than normal. Makes sense. If you want a more panoramic effect, you can switch to the 16×9 format. Technically, you should not get any wider a view since the 16×9 format is just a crop of the 4×3, but in practice you do gain a few pixels along the edges. The longer, more narrow view, with less foreground and sky does have its appeal, as it produces a very “expansive” feeling in landscapes.

Of course you could just crop the 4×3 image in post processing, but there are, I think, advantages to composing in the 16×9 format in the field. It makes you look at the world differently, and, in fact, opens you to new imaging possibilities. This shot with the subject (object?) in one corner of the long thin frame, for instance.

Using the native Camera App on the iPhone, it is just a matter of opening the control panel and choosing the 16×9 format. Worth a try when working with landscapes and other stationary objects 🙂 Sirui 18mm lens on the Moment thin case on my iPhone SE2020. Native Camera App on auto.

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