iPhone SE 2020 Native Camera app Sirui 18mm

All about perspective… Sirui 18mm

One of the things I love about the 18mm view is the interesting perspective of the ultra-wide angle lens. In normal landscapes it is not so obvious…nothing like a “fish-eye” lens for instance, but once you get in close or down low, the perspective opens out in a why that your normal lens just can’t match…with extreme depth of field. Not all 18mm lenses work. Many ultra-wide lenses, especially add on lenses for phones, have a lot of distortion in the field and a lot of softness at the edges that destroys the perspective effect. Not so the Sirui…which is, in many ways, as good as my Sony 18mm combo lens, or the ZEISS Touit that I used for a while. A very fun lens to use. iPhone SE 2020 with the Moment thin case and the Sirui 18mm lens. Native Apple Camera App. ISO 20 @ 1/1350th.

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